Westward Expansion Review Sheet

U.S. Imperialism Review Sheet

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Frontier Unit Layered Curriculum

Frontiers Unit Layered Curriculum Agenda

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"Manifest Destiny: White Man's Dream, Red Man's Nightmare" Article for #8


In the process of doing research for a lesson for this unit, I came across another simulation to add to this list. I am making this number 4a and it will be worth 15 points. It does not change the number of points that you need to earn for the unit. You will need to log in and save your game in order for you to earn the points.
A Sailor's Life For Me: Sail to Victory

Wordle Word Cloud of President James Madison's War Message to Congress, June 1, 1812
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Wordle: Why did the United States declare war on England in 1812
Reasons for the War of 1812 - A Period

U.S. Diplomacy and the World Graphic Organizer - A Period

U.S Diplomacy and the World Graphic Organizer - E Period